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    • 12 Apr 2022
    • 23 Apr 2022
    • Shanghai, Ningbo,Wuxi,Qingdao, Beijing,上海,宁波,无锡,青岛,北京

    ACCS 2022 CEO Business Delegation to China


    April 12th (April 13th To Arrive Shanghai)

    April 23rd (Leave Beijing, end trip)  2022

    2022年4月12日 ~ 4月23日

    Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuxi,  Qingdao,  Beijing


     China International Film Organization

    Connect with China Film Industrial Leaders & Artists

    Meet Chinese & International Movie Celebrities

    Meet Government Leaders

    Hollywood China Night Festival 

    Meet Business Leaders

    Visit Local Companies


    WHO SHOULD JOIN? 谁应该参加?

    Any ACCS members/Company CEOs, Executives, Government officials who
    want to know China/to know China more; to connect with China's
    high level relationships; to build short-cut route to China's market,
    seeking resources & investments...


    RATE 费用

    Non member 非会员: $5,690.00/person on double occupancy 

    ACCS Member Rate 美中企业家商会会员特价 $5,090.00/person on double occupancy

    ---Including all China domestic logistic arrangements: boarding, meals, transportation and admission tickets... 包含所有地勤服务:食宿,交通及景区门票

    ---Not included: transpacific air tickets, visa fee, overtime cost, tips, individual expenses when travel out of the group… 费用不包括国际机票,签证费,导游与司机加班费及小费,脱离团体活动之任何交通或其他费用。。

    Full payment has to be received by March 15th 2022 to be included in the delegation list.



    • Please do not carry valuables when travel. The ACCS is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, baggage or other possessions.
    • 旅途中请勿携带贵重物品。美中企业家商会对于行李及私人物件之遗失与损坏不负责任。
    • Refunds are not given with weather related delay and schedule change. 
    • 若因天气原因造成的行程延误或改变,美中企业家商会不会进行赔偿或退款。
    • To convenience China side for best arrangements, full payment has to be received by March 15 2022 to be added onto the Delegation Name List. Cancellation received prior to end of March will be refunded one half of the payment, after March 30th no payment will be refunded. 
    • 为方便中国方面及早筹备会议以扩大会议效益,参加者必须在2022年3月15日前付清款项,使能够包含在代表团名单内;3月底以前取消行程退还半数款项,3月30日以后不再退费。
    • Schedules subject to change without notice. 
    • 本行程活动内容可能因临时因素随时调整,恕不另行通知。


    ACCS China Delegation Trip Photos & News link: 

    2017美中企业家商会高级访华团图片报道_美中时报美中经贸的桥梁 ...

    美国美中企业家商会2018年CEO高级访华代表团圆满成功_美中时报美 ...

    China Trip Film Link Below:

    美中企业家商会代表团访华(2019文化之旅) - YouTube

    美中企业家商会高级商务访华团视频专辑- YouTube 

    2020 Interviews of celebrities at Hollywood China Night Gala link:



    Robert  Sun   孙凯旋


        Deputy Director General 

           American-Chinese CEO Society


              626-551-1266 mobile phone 



Past events

21 Jan 2022 Canceled: 活动取消 ACCS-YK Law Firm Co-Host Chinese New Year Cocktail Party 美中企业家商会-盈科法律事务所合办中国新年高端酒会
01 Jan 2022 ACCS - AAA Global New Year Celebration & ACCS Chapter Opening Ceremony 美中企业家商会弗洛里达分会-AAA国际地产集团新年暨分会成立庆祝会
19 Nov 2021 ACCS-YK Law Firm Co-Host Cocktail Party 美中企业家商会-盈科法律事务所合办高端酒会
06 Nov 2021 ACCS Musicals & Story Sharing 美中企业家商会【秋之赞歌】联欢会
25 Jun 2021 ACCS Promote & Celebrate The Full Opening For Business Revival After A Year+ Covid-19 Pandemic
07 May 2020 ACCS: Another Opportunity for a COVID-19 $5,000 Grant
24 Apr 2020 ACCS Live Aid For Business & Entrepreneurs
09 Feb 2020 Hollywood China Night Gala Awards Party with Movie Stars from US & China! 美中企业家商会好莱坞“中国之夜”颁奖盛典
09 Feb 2020 ACCS 2020 Hollywood China Night Gala Program Book Ads 好莱坞中国之夜画册广告机会
09 Feb 2020 Forum on Film Finance, Production & Distribution in China & U.S. 中美电影投资制作发行论坛邀您出席!
09 Feb 2020 2020 Hollywood China Night Sponsorship Invitation 第四届好莱坞“中国之夜”诚邀您的加盟赞助
02 Sep 2019 ACCS Beijing International Fashion Week 2019 北京国际时装周开幕式
17 Aug 2019 ACCS-South Coast Plaza-EVE By EVE'S New Flagship Store Opening Reception美中企业家商会-南海岸商场祝贺 EVE By EVE's 旗舰店隆重开张招待酒会
27 Jul 2019 美中企业家商会合办洛杉矶慈善晚宴邀请ACCS Co-Organize Los Angeles Charity Event Invitation
17 Jul 2019 2018 ACCS创投会冠军影片7/17西海岸首映!|2018 ACCS Pitch Fest Winning Film Premiere in the West Coast on 7/17!
23 Apr 2019 ACCS 2019 CEO Business Delegation to China 美中企业家商会2019年高级CEO商务代表团访华
19 Apr 2019 ACCS Assist China Technologies Corp for Hosting Appreciation Banquet 美中企业家商会为中国科技董事长协办举行答谢晚宴
30 Mar 2019 ACCS - NBA Game Clippers vs. Cleveland - Enjoy The NBA Game Together in A Private Suite 包厢里观看NBA球赛及表演
26 Feb 2019 ACCS-Singpoli U.S. China Movie Industries Elite & Celebrities Collaboration Reception 美中影视精英及名流合作交流高端酒会
25 Feb 2019 ACCS Movie Stars & Celebrities VIP Reception 影星名流VIP高端招待会
24 Feb 2019 Hollywood China Night Gala Awards Party with Movie Stars from US & China! 美中企业家商会好莱坞“中国之夜”颁奖盛典
24 Feb 2019 "Investing in U.S Feature Films" Forum 美国电影投资论坛研讨会邀您出席!
12 Feb 2019 ACCS Hollywood China Night Press Conference Invite 好莱坞奥斯卡中国之夜新闻发布会邀请
08 Nov 2018 ACCS Co-organizes the 4th Diversity in Action International Career Fair International Career Fair 2018 美国美中企业家商会共同举办第四届国际职业博览会
07 Nov 2018 ACCS Partners with GetGlobal - Thrive in Foreign Markets Conference
23 Oct 2018 ACCS Welcomes Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province Delegation Reception 美中企业家商会欢迎江苏省商务厅代表团欢迎会
06 Oct 2018 ACCS - Autumn Mixer(10/6/2018) 美中企业家商会10月6日社交活动
04 Oct 2018 ACCS Invites You Join Newport Beach Investment Events 美中企业家商会邀请您参加新港投资大会
19 Sep 2018 ACCS - White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders host business summit.美中企业家商会-美国白宫亚太裔行动计划组织共同举办商务峰会
19 Sep 2018 ACCS-DEC Complying with U.S. Export Controls, LA 2018
25 Jul 2018 ACCS Invites You to Join Silicon Dragon LA 2018-硅龙合作探索中美影视科技的发展与未来
29 May 2018 ACCS 2018 CEO Business Delegation to China 美中企业家商会2018年高级CEO商务代表团访华之旅
24 May 2018 ACCS Co-organizes "A New Era of Integrative Health-The Cutting Edge of East-West Medicine" event 美国美中企业家商会合办"综合保健新时代-东西方医学的优势"活动
22 May 2018 ACCS Welcome Chinese Ambassador/Consul General Zhang Ping & New U.S. China Trade Relation Forum 美中企业家商会欢迎中国驻洛杉矶总领事/张平大使暨新时期中美经贸关系座谈会
18 Apr 2018 ACCS Co-organizes International Career Fair 2018 美国美中企业家商会共同举办2018年国际职业博览会
14 Mar 2018 ACCS Welcomes Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province Delegation Luncheon 欢迎江苏省商务厅代表团午餐会
04 Mar 2018 Oscars China Night - Gala Awards Viewing Party with Top Stars from US & China! 美中企业家商会奥斯卡“中国之夜”
04 Mar 2018 2018 ACCS Oscar “China night”—— “International Film/TV/New Media Talents” Forum invitation! /奥斯卡中国之夜中美电影联合制作论坛邀您出席!
26 Feb 2018 ACCS Partners with Hurun US-China Awards LA Night 美国美中企业家商会联合胡润百富2018洛杉矶之夜
25 Feb 2018 China CEO Delegation (7 day) To Hollywood China Night 出席奥斯卡中国之夜(7日游)中国企业家贵宾团日程
24 Feb 2018 ACCS 2019 Hollywood China Night Performance Sponsorship 美国美中企业家商会2019奥斯卡金像奖中国之夜文艺表演赞助方案
24 Feb 2018 ACCS 2019 Hollywood China Night Gala Program Ads 美中企业家商会奥斯卡中国之夜广告机会
24 Feb 2018 ACCS 2019 Hollywood China Night CEO Rose Awards Sponsorship 美国美中企业家商会2019奥斯卡金像奖颁奖典礼中国之夜企业家玫花奖赞助方案
13 Feb 2018 ACCS Supports South Coast Plaza Lunar New Year Event 美国美中企业家商会支持南海岸购物商场中国春节庆祝活动
23 Jan 2018 ACCS “Health and Beauty” Series of Events - Medical Aesthetic Forum 美国美中企业家商会“大健康”系列活动医美论坛
23 Dec 2017 HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO OUR ACCS FAMILY! 祝福美国美中企业家商会所有成员节日快乐!
19 Dec 2017 ACCS Financial Forum Event: "Big changes imminent, are you prepared?" 美中企业家商会年终财经论坛:“世纪巨变在即,你准备好了吗?”
14 Nov 2017 ACCS Welcome China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Sub-Council Delegation Luncheon 欢迎江苏省贸促会代表团午餐会
05 Nov 2017 ACCS - UCFA Inauguration & Press Conference 美中企业家商会支援中美电影人联合会开幕典礼暨新闻发布会
05 Nov 2017 ACCS - UCFA Inauguration & Press Conference(2) 美中企业家商会支援中美电影人联合会开幕典礼暨新闻发布会
01 Nov 2017 Watching "Born In China" with ACCS and networking with production team 与美中企业家商会共同观赏“生在中国”电影并与制作团队互动
29 Oct 2017 (Group II) ACCS 2017 FALL CEO BUSINESS DELEGATION TO CHINA 美中企业家商会秋季CEO高级商务访华代表2团
25 Oct 2017 American-Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) in collaboration with GetGlobal presents GetGlobal Conference 2017 美中企业家商会与全球视角合作呈现2017全球视角大会
08 Oct 2017 (Group I) ACCS 2017 Fall CEO Business Delegation to China 美中企业家商会2017年秋季高级CEO商务代表团访华之旅
22 Sep 2017 ACCS and Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province Host Conference of Investment Promotion 美中企业家商会与江苏省商务厅携手召开经贸推介会
26 Aug 2017 ACCS Invites You to Discover "Only in Beverly Hills" Boutique 比华利山庄8月聚会
25 Jul 2017 ACCS greets Jiangsu Delegation led by Vice Governor Zhenning Chen 美中企业家商会欢迎江苏省副省长陈震宁带团访美
25 Jul 2017 ACCS "Joining Hands with Zhejiang Powerful Entrepreneurs in North America" Investment Forum 美中企业家商会”携手工商联浙商“投资论坛
19 Jul 2017 Watching Badminton U.S. Open with ACCS 与美中企业家商会一起观赏羽毛球美国公开赛
29 May 2017 ACCS 2017 CEO Business Delegation to China 美中企业家商会2017年高级CEO投资访华代表团
20 May 2017 ACCS forum "Investment Outlook and Strategies" 美中企业家商会论坛“新时期的投资展望与途径”
09 May 2017 ACCS Co-Organize 2018 China Week 美中企业家商会协办2018年“中国周”
08 May 2017 ACCS hosts Ningbo City Delegation Investment Forum & Dinner 美中企业家商会接待宁波商务局及企业家代表团投资论坛
05 May 2017 ACCS - Morgan Stanley Forum "U.S.-China Economic Outlook in Trump Era" 美中企业家商会与摩根士丹利合办“特朗普时代中美经济展望” 论坛
28 Mar 2017 ACCS proudly presents Nixon Foundation Special presentation "One China?-The Shanghai Communique in the Age of Trump" 美中企业家商会骄傲呈现尼克松基金会高层讲座“一个中国?-上海公报迈入特朗普时代”
04 Mar 2017 ACCS 2018 Oscar China Night Gala Booth Display & Ads 美中企业家商会奥斯卡中国之夜展桌出租或广告机会
04 Mar 2017 ACCS 2018 Oscar China Night Performance Sponsorship 美国美中企业家商会2018奥斯卡金像奖中国之夜文艺表演赞助方案
04 Mar 2017 ACCS 2018 Oscars China Night CEO Rose Awards Sponsorship 美国美中企业家商会2018奥斯卡金像奖颁奖典礼中国之夜企业家玫花奖赞助方案
04 Mar 2017 ACCS 2018 Oscars "China Night" accepts sponsors/partners 美国美中企业家商会2018年奥斯卡金像奖颁奖典礼“中国之夜”开放赞助/合作
04 Mar 2017 ACCS 2018 Oscar Viewing Gala Sponsorship 美国美中企业家商会2018奥斯卡金像奖颁奖典礼中国之夜晚宴赞助方案
04 Mar 2017 2018 Academy Awards ACCS Oscars "China Night" Pitch Fest Call For Entry! /奥斯卡“中国之夜”创投会海选招募开始!
26 Feb 2017 ACCS Oscars "China Night"
26 Feb 2017 美中企业家商会举办奥斯卡颁奖"中国之夜"
26 Feb 2017 “Night of 100 Stars” LA's Premier Awards Night Gala 美中企业家商会参与举办好莱坞 享誉世界奥斯卡之夜巨星派对“众星之夜”
07 Feb 2017 ACCS Business Lunch Reception For China Suzhou Delegation
26 Jan 2017 ACCS South Coast Plaza Chinese New Year Opening Celebration 美中企业家商会-南海岸商场2017春节庆祝开幕式!
18 Jan 2017 ACCS - Amphora Capital Group Co-Host Banquet 美中企业家商会举办中国医疗投资代表团与企业家,医疗机构专家晚宴聚会
18 Jan 2017 ACCS UCLA CWH Joint Symposium on Healthcare Investments & Collaboration
14 Dec 2016 ACCS Huade Award Ceremony of 12th Huade Awards 美中企业家商会协同举办第十二届华德奖颁奖典礼
14 Dec 2016 ACCS Huade Global Economic Forum of Huade Awards 美中企业家商会协同举办第12届华德奖全球经济论坛
03 Nov 2016 ACCS - Star Audiovisual Media:The Premiere of Movie "Looking for the Holy Land" 美中企业家商会举办“我的圣途”电影首映会
01 Nov 2016 ACCS U.S. China Co-Production Film Summit and Film & TV Market 美中企业家商会/中美电影节-鹰龙传媒合办2016中美合作制片峰会
31 Oct 2016 ACCS-U.S. China Cultural Real Estate Forum At USC 首届南加大美中文化地产论坛
28 Oct 2016 ACCS China Guangxi 2016 "Investment Conference -美中企业家商会主办中国广西投资商机暨加工贸易洽谈会
20 Oct 2016 ACCS Partner with GetGlobal for 2016 Expand into Foreign Markets Conference.
17 Oct 2016 ACCS invites you to Dalian Wanda Group "US-Sino Business Evening"- Chairman Wang Jianlin Keynote Speaker 美中企业家商会会员应邀参加大连万达集团-王健林主席主旨演讲-活动
14 Oct 2016 Nixon Library Opening Ceremony
23 Sep 2016 ACCS invites you to the Bank of China Seminar on RMB Business Development 美中企业家商会协办中国银行关于人民币业务发展研讨会
15 Sep 2016 ACCS Partner with Los Angeles World Affair Council on Future of Asia Conference
22 Jul 2016 ACCS MOFCOM Chinabrand Trade Show 2016 Opening Ceremony 美中企业家商会-中国商务部2016年中国商品美国展开幕式
15 Jul 2016 ACCS Greenland Anolan Luxe World Real Estate Investment Mixer
07 Jul 2016 ACCS TOUR: China Cave Temples of Dunhuang at the Getty 盖蒂博物馆中国敦煌莫高窟展之旅
23 Jun 2016 ACCS proudly supports South Coast Plaza & The Richard Nixon Library & Foundation Exhibition
20 May 2016 ACCS-California Community Foundation Cooperation Event 美中企业家商会与加州社区基金会晚餐会
30 Apr 2016 ACCS Proudly Presents 朗格名表 A.Lange & Sohne 2016 Debuts
12 Apr 2016 ACCS Richard Nixon Foundation CEO Lunch 美中企业家商会-尼克松总统基金会CEO午餐会
12 Mar 2016 ACCS MicrocapCEO.com, OneMedMarket Investment Session
04 Mar 2016 ACCS ENP Forum: Next Practices in High Net Worth Global Customer Relations
28 Feb 2016 ACCS "Night of 100 Stars " - LA's Premier Awards Night Gala-Oscar-美中企业家商会参与举办好莱坞享誉世界奥斯卡之夜巨星派对“众星之夜”
11 Feb 2016 ACCS New York Life Insurance Company Seminar Workshop 保护资产,控制成本,降低风险讲座
03 Feb 2016 South Coast Plaza Lunar New Year Celebration 2016南海岸商场春节政要名流富豪大聚会
22 Jan 2016 ACCS & Lockton 2016 New Year Business Lunch 美中企业家商会暨諾德保險公司新年商务午餐会
10 Dec 2015 ACCS Xinhua News Agency On China Urbanization Trend & China VS U.S. Market
08 Dec 2015 ACCS Penthouse Private Holiday Networking
05 Dec 2015 ACCS Omega Christmas Yacht Event Aboard "Spellbound"
05 Dec 2015 美中企业家商会欢迎吉林省政协副主席,工商联主席别胜学率代表团访问暨圣诞 This event is closed) ACCS South Coast Plaza Co-host Jilin Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman delegation and Christmas/New Year Banquet
13 Nov 2015 ACCS Lighthorse Asset Management 2016 Investment Forum 美中企业家商会 | 天马投资论坛
02 Nov 2015 ACCS China US Film Cooperation Summit 中美电影合作高峰论坛
08 Oct 2015 ACCS My Generation Young Chinese Artists Presentation-South Coast Plaza VIP Reception
24 Sep 2015 ACCS South Coast Plaza & Berluti Men's Folio
15 Aug 2015 ACCS 10th Year Gala Success-Celebration Party 美中企业家商会10周年庆典成功举办庆功会
01 Aug 2015 ACCS 10th Anniversary Gala Award Banquet 美中企业家商会10周年庆典晚宴
01 Aug 2015 美中企业家商会十周年庆典联欢颁奖宴会
01 Aug 2015 ACCS 10th Anniversary U.S. China Business CEO Summit 美中企业家高峰论坛
01 Aug 2015 ACCS 10th Anniversary Celebration Sponsorship
01 Aug 2015 ACCS 10th Year Anniversary Business Symposium & Gala Banquet Combo Tickets
09 Jul 2015 ACCS Commercial Real Estate Investment Mixer
11 Jun 2015 ACCS Connect wih CHINA'S ELITE Networking Mixer
06 Jun 2015 ACCS "Getting Involved in Movie Business" Mixer
28 May 2015 Delegation to China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services- U.S. Services Export Opportunity
23 May 2015 ACCS Celebrates LIULI Opening Ceremony - Loretta Yang Personal Appearance (楊惠姍 - 金馬獎影后出席)
11 May 2015 Chinaweek California-China Business Summit
24 Apr 2015 ACCS Spring Business Mixer
15 Apr 2015 "Connect with China's Elite" Series Chapter Charlie Gu by American-Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) and Anolan Luxe World
10 Apr 2015 Alliance Partner ENP Event: "Five Ways to Fuel Your Growth in 2015: CEO Growth Secrets"
04 Mar 2015 ACCS invites you to the 2015 "Cultures of China, Festival of Spring" show- “文化中国,四海同春” 2015 新春文艺晚会!
24 Feb 2015 "Connect with China's Elite" by American-Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) and Anolan Luxe World
17 Feb 2015 American-Chinese CEO Society Joining Louis Vuitton during Exclusive Exhibition 美中企业家商会联合路易威登二月全球首发奢华时尚展邀请
12 Feb 2015 Chinese New Year of The Ram Celebration
06 Feb 2015 ACCS-ENP Adaptive Strategy, Great Teams, Execution Excellence
20 Dec 2014 American-Chinese CEO Society Christmas & New Year Holiday Party
12 Dec 2014 China-US Bridge to 2020: Building Relationships & Alliances for Results & Next Practices Awards Announcement
10 Nov 2014 Welcome Banquet For Hangzhou Federation of Industry & Commerce Delegation
03 Nov 2014 The 10th Chinese American Film Festival U.S-Sino Film Cooperation Forum
02 Nov 2014 The 10th Chinese American Film Festival Two Big Events
24 Oct 2014 American-Chinese CEO Society & China Mobile Leading Technology Seminar
26 Sep 2014 ACCS Investment Connect- Chinese & American CEOs
19 Sep 2014 ACCS-ENP/(Medical) Device Alliance C-Suite Healthcare Forum
01 Aug 2014 ACCS 10th Anniversary Business Symposium Opens for Sponsors
29 Jun 2014 美中企业家商会举办欢迎中国企业家,电影电视明星代表团招待会
27 Jun 2014 China Jiangsu Province Trade & Investment Delegation Connects with U.S. Companies
27 Jun 2014 China Jiangsu Province Trade & Investment Delegation Connects with U.S. Companies-Sponsorship
30 May 2014 CCTV Chinese New Year Gala U.S.Talent Hunt Press Conference Invitation
20 May 2014 Delegation to China Import Expo to sell products to China in Kunshan, Jiangsu from May 20 to 23
23 Apr 2014 Delegation to China Shanghai International Technology Fair
11 Apr 2014 ACCS CEO Networking Dinner Mixer
02 Apr 2014 ACCS China Enterprise Connect Lunch (appetizers )
08 Mar 2014 Welcome New Platinum Members To ACCS
07 Mar 2014 美中企业家商会举办美中主流企业CEO见面会
07 Mar 2014 ACCS China Enterprise Connect (Meet CEOs)
06 Mar 2014 Welcome New Members to ACCS in the Year of The Horse
17 Jan 2014 中国商务部京交会美国推介会-US Service Export Promotion Conference by the China Ministry of Commerce and China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services
17 Jan 2014 US Service Export Promotion Conference by the China Ministry of Commerce and China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services
19 Dec 2013 Jiangsu Food and Culture Festival Banquet
19 Dec 2013 Jiangsu Province-California State Business Conference
17 Nov 2013 美国哈佛大学短期深造机会 哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院企业执行长培训计划 Executive Education, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
12 Nov 2013 American-Chinese CEO Society & South Coast Pplaza Welcome Chinese Consul General Ambassador Liu Jian
12 Nov 2013 美中企业家商会-南海岸商场举行欢迎刘建大使仪式宴会
13 Sep 2013 China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) Promotion Seminar
13 Sep 2013 中国(上海)国际技术进出口交易会推介会
08 Sep 2013 美国哈佛大学短期深造机会 哈佛大学肯尼迪政府学院企业执行长培训计划报名
27 Jun 2013 江苏省先进制造业投资贸易代表团对接美国公司
17 Jun 2013 欢迎江苏省商务厅王润亮副厅长及商务代表团宴会
30 May 2013 Dinner Honoring Deputy Director-General: Wang Runliang
28 May 2013 ACCS Trade Delegation in Services
05 May 2013 Star Speaker Program -- Mr. Xu Guanju, Chairman ACFIC
05 May 2013 欢迎晚宴:全国工商联副主席,浙江省政协副主席、原浙江省工商联主席, 传化集团董事长徐冠巨
19 Apr 2013 The Sino-US Investment Forum
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