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Member Comments Visit Between President Obama and Xi Jinping

My company , Inland Energy, (www.inlandenergy.com) is located in Orange County California, primarily in the energy business .... But we do have a division focused on the US EB5 Investor Visa program.

We have traveled to China many times ... and developed a genuine respect and appreciation for their phenomenal achievements in such a short period of time.

Just over 50 years ago, Orange County native, President Richard Nixon initiated the diplomatic outreach that has seen the two countries enjoy undreamed of multifaceted positive relationships.

With such dissimilar forms of government, only through  mutual intricate diplomatic efforts over the years has enabled this exchange to grow and prosper.

It's vital for the heads of these two global powers to meet in person... and have frank and open discussions on the myriad items impacting each of their countries,

While our President Nixon began the outreach, China's Chairman Deng was instrumental in using diplomacy to enhance the relationship.

Walter Annenberg was one of America's finest diplomats .... his Palm Springs estate has served as an ideal venue for informal state visits for decades.   Located adjacent to Los Angeles, with the largest Chinese population of any American city, it's ideal for this significant exchange.

Clearly, hosting the meeting outside the formal trappings of Washington DC, sends a warm signal to the Chinese delegation.

This is a significant meeting... and bodes well for the diplomatic teams from both countries to resolve outstanding issues .... and establish frameworks for continued progress.  All of which is vital to our two countries.

John Buck


Inland Energy


This is a tremendous opportunity for the two most powerful and famous men in the world to be in a quiet venue in the desert and away from the politics of Beijing and Washington. This can be a time of seeking solutions and strategies to the world challenges - taking advantage of the resources of both countries to make positive changes for the future. I believe both men maintain the very best interests of the world's population and are actively taking responsibility for implementing betterment for all nations. The results as they play out over time - will be truly exciting,

For ima - China is an important opportunity to share our best conceptual thinking with the context of the fastest growing nation in the world. We understand the issues and challenges of growth and development of new projects and new cities. In our professional services we specialize in developing Master Plans that are based on a balanced model including sustainable economic development (jobs), social benefits (housing and lifestyle) and environmental sensitivity (preservation and rehabilitation). Both Presidents understand  these fundamental values. Their collaboration will be good for the future and visibly promote our professional mission. 

Our business opportunities in China are generally in the coastal regions. The project opportunities in addition to new city planning include multi-generational communities with age restricted neighborhoods, family neighborhoods, and advanced senior living neighborhoods. Our development strategy allows for needed residential living as well as services including state of the art medical facilities and active social and recreational amenities. These directly accommodate the growing senior population while keeping the extended families together in one community.

ima pursuits in China go beyond the business aspects and have more to do with our professional passion to positively affect the course of developing communities. For this we seek rapidly developing regions. We find our Chinese Clients are extremely interested in doing the right thing as they accommodate the growing market. Because of our long history and experience working with many different cultures in the world we find the climate in China to be particularly conducive to creating some of our very best work. The tremendous resources and industrious nature of the culture assure success.

Beyond that I find the intensity and richness of the people to be fascinating. We enjoy letting the context influence our work to create modern and relevant developments. The conversations between these two Presidents will continue the path both nations have of collaborating to accomplish great things. This is a momentous time in history.

Thank you for considering our opinions.


william f. schulz





     Werner Escher, head of International Markets for South Coast Plaza, an upscale shopping center in Orange County, California voted the number one shopping destination by a poll taken in China and the only U.S shopping destination in the U.S. promoted worldwide by China Union Pay (CUP), said that having just returned from China last month as a member of the Nixon delegation to China, this week’s meeting in California between the two leaders of two great peoples follows on the heels of a former U.S. President who opened the door to China and the delegation invited by the PRC to retrace the steps of Nixon’s visit to China in 1972. 


     Mr. Escher, who enjoys a familiarity with  China  and a frequent traveler there, noted that this week’s meeting between the two leaders reinforces what was started by President Nixon that ended 25 years of mutual silence.  Mr. Escher recalls a trip to  China  two years ago in the company of California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger which he said, “at that time it was all about  California .  This time, this meeting is not about one state, California, but the world leaders of two countries and the bilateral trade talks that are not only important for Washington and Beijing, but the people of the two countries: the businessmen, the farmers, the assembly line workers, developers, the trades and the fast growing tourism market.


      South   Coast   Plaza  has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with  China  ever since the iconic Chinese opera, “Raise the Red Lantern,” a production of the National Ballet of China, was performed seven years ago at the Center’s  Segerstrom   Center  for the Arts.  He invited the entire production company at the end of its seven-day run to  South   Coast Plaza , with the Chinese Consul General of  Los Angeles  in attendance.   South   Coast   Plaza enjoys a close relationship with Chinese Ambassador/Consul General of Los Angeles Qui Shaofang and Deputy Consul General Sun Weide.  Ambassador Shaofang hosted Mr. Escher and the Nixon delegation at his home for dinner before their leaving for  China  last month.  The Nixon Library connection is one of longstanding, having hosted in conjunction with the Library the reunion of Chinese and U.S. table tennis players two years ago at South Coast Plaza in a rematch of their historic “ping pong diplomacy” matches in China in 1971.  The number of Chinese notables that visit South Coast Plaza are many, including world-renowned pianist, Lang Lang (on two occasions), Yang Mi, “Miss China,” Hu Bing, China’s super model, and one of the Southlands most prominent businessmen, Robert Sun, founder of the American-Chinese CEO Society (of which Mr. Escher is a member).


     Mr. Escher says Pan Asia is an important market which  South   Coast   Plaza  has cultivated in his 45 years of marketing the  South   Coast   Plaza  brand to the world.  It’s not surprising then that the  South   Coast   Plaza  logo carries the tag:  “Where the World Comes to Shop.”  And, it’s also not surprising that the Chinese customer and visitor to  South Coast   Plaza  plays an important part in our success, he says. 


    As a regular attendee of the annual China-U.S. Tourism Leadership Summit, held in both  China  and the  U.S. , Mr. Escher stays in touch with Chinese leaders and is well aware that China is the world’s largest luxury market, which he foresees as staying that way, despite the prediction that China may lower its taxable rate on luxury goods and the government’s imposition of less spending by officials on gifts and luxury items.  He says South Coast Plaza will continue to attract the Chinese customer and visitor to the Southland because “we are welcoming…our sales associates in our collection of brand, designer, fashion boutiques and stores (representing the highest concentration of brand retail in the U.S/249 in all) share the history and give meaning to the purchase of the brand, and because many of them speak Chinese, they can relate.  Other amenities that make the Chinese guest welcome, he says, are Concierge desks for information, foreign currency exchange and a restful luxury lounge, VIP ACCESS.  More important, according to Mr. Escher, is the important connection that  South   Coast   Plaza  will enjoy with Chinese subscribers of Weibo, which will go live this month.


    Mr. Escher will receive one of the nation’s highest honors, the Thomas Jefferson Peace Through Commerce medal in ceremonies to be held in  Washington   D.C.  in June for having been instrumental in generating tourism between  China , as well as other Pan Asian countries and the world at large.


I hope I have met your deadline and any questions you might have, please see below as to how you can reach me.


Best Regards,





Werner Escher

Executive Director of Domestic & International Markets

South   Coast   Plaza

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