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ACCS CEO Business Delegation to Kenya Africa 美中企业家商会2024年高级CEO商务考察团访问非洲肯尼亚

  • 30 Mar 2024
  • 08 Apr 2024
  • Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi 内罗毕,蒙巴萨,马林迪


  • Non member 非会员:

    $5,690.00/person on double occupancy;
  • Non-Member 非会员

    $5,990 for single occupancy

Registration is closed

 ACCS CEO Business Delegation to Kenya Africa






                                          5G向前看,     高铁新时代. 


ACCS Member Special Rate 美中企业家商会会员特价 $4,990.00/person on double occupancy,

March. 28/29th depart New York or Los Angeles or other Cities for Nairobi Kenya

 March 30th To Arrive Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya 


                                       2024年3月30日 ~ 4月8日

Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi


要发财! 去非洲!商机无限!



{Meeting Kenya President 会见肯尼亚总统}

30/30 TO ARRIVE 到达内罗毕 国际机场当地商会/安排接机,入住酒店



                         3/31 拜会肯尼亚政府高官,会见精英企业家,商务会谈

                             Meet Kenya Government Leaders &  Business Leaders




                                       欢迎晚宴 Welcome Banquet


                    4/1 第三天, 首都内罗毕游览 Explore Capital City of Nairobi



                      4/2 探奇内罗毕游览野生动物园 Explore Wild Animal Park


                                  4/3 乘内罗毕至蒙巴萨动车上观看野生动物

                            Ride Speed Train to Mombasa & Watch Wild Animals



                    4/4 蒙巴萨海滨会见企业家 Mombasa Resort CEO Meeting





                                         4/5 游览欣赏蒙巴萨天然海滩



                                  4/6 参观考察马林迪海滩项目  Malindi Project



                                  4/7 肯尼亚考察土地 Kenya Site Visit



              4/8 Check out the hotel. End the trip in fly back or on your own                                                                arrangement


                               Africa is no longer far away, takeoff is in sight.

                                         In the new era of high-speed train

                                    and 5G in Kenya things advance rapidly.

                           The Mombasa seaport is connected to and around world, 

                      and the economic special zone attracts new investments. 

                The economy is double-layered, and the potential is really unlimited.

                                     Infrastructure construction is everywhere,

                             and the old appearance is replaced with a new look!


要发财! 去非洲!商机无限!



Any ACCS members/Company CEOs, Executives, Government officials who
want to know Africa/enjoy the beauty; to connect with Africa's
top level relationships; to build short-cut route to Africa's market,
seeking resources &  do smart investments...



ACCS Member Discount Rate 美中企业家商会会员特价 $4,990.00/person on double occupancy,

Non member 非会员:$5,690.00/person on double occupancy all hotels 4/5 star

Request of single occupancy Call for details


---Including all Kenya, Ghana and Cape Town domestic transportation including logistic arrangements: boarding, meals, transportation and admission tickets .. 包含当地旅游及所有地勤服务:食宿,交通及景区门票

---Not included: transpacific air tickets, visa fee, overtime cost, tips, individual expenses when travel out of the group… 费用不包括国际机票,签证费,导游与司机加班费及小费,脱离团体活动之任何交通或其他费用。。

Full payment (Do not pay online, money transfer (ask us for ACCS bank Acct info) or Check to American-Chinese CEO Society and mail to ACCS P.O. Box 1832 Arcadia Ca 91077 to avoid  extra 3% fees) has to be received by ASAP No later February 15th 2024 to be included in the delegation list.


***费用不含: 1. 国际机票自理不含, 2. 旅行途中的保险和医疗自定  3. 行程中如有自费的项目,不含在此费用当中 4. 签证办理 5. 小费:每人每天 10.00 美元(直接给付司导游) (自选项目,需提前预订)

***The cost does not include: 1. International air tickets are not included, 2. Insurance and medical treatment during the trip are not included. 3. If there are self-paid items in the itinerary, they are not included in this cost. 4. E-Visa Application 5. Tipping: USD 10.00 per person per day pay directly to the driver or guide (Optional items, need to book in advance)

***温馨提示:1.如有完整的疫苗证明(英文),则入境肯尼亚无需提供核酸阴性报告。 但需提前 24 小时在线申报入境健康表。 2.关于塑料胶袋,2019 年 06 月 01 日起,肯尼亚禁止使用有提手的 塑料胶袋。请将此类胶袋全部留在飞机上。否则将会面临巨额罚款。 3.关于签证:肯尼亚不接受落地签,费用是旅游签 50.00 美元。 提前申请电子签证。在线申请。预计5 天出签。

***Just a reminder: 1. If you have a complete vaccine certificate (in English), you do not need to provide a negative nucleic acid report when entering Kenya. However, the entry health form must be declared online 24 hours in advance. 2. Regarding plastic bags, from June 1, 2019, Kenya banned the use of plastic bags with handles. Please leave all such plastic bags on the plane. Otherwise, you will face huge fines. 3. About visa: Kenya do not accepts visa on arrival,  You need to apply for an electronic visa in advance. Online Application. It is expected to be issued in 5 days.


  • Please do not carry valuables when travel. The ACCS is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, baggage or other possessions.
  • 旅途中请勿携带贵重物品。美中企业家商会对于行李及私人物件之遗失与损坏不负责任。
  • Refunds are not given with weather related delay and schedule change or other irresistible factors . 
  • 若因天气原因或无法抗拒因素造成的行程延误或改变,美中企业家商会不能进行赔偿或退款。
  • To convenience Kenya side for best arrangements, full payment has to be received by February 15th 2024 to be added onto the Delegation Name List. Cancellation received prior to February 20th will be refunded one half of the payment, after March 1st no payment will be refunded because our payment or deposit to Kenya side will not be returned. 
  • 为方便中国方面及早筹备会议以扩大会议效益,参加者必须在2024年2月15日前付清款项,视报名代表团有效;2月20日以前取消行程退还半数款项,3月1日以后不再退费,因为我们付给肯尼亚安排方不会退款。
  • Schedules subject to change without notice. 
  • 本行程活动内容可能因临时因素随时调整,恕不另行通知。


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Miranda Lu 卢美含
Marketing Director
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